Dementia Care

Birchwood offers a comprehensive Dementia Care program for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, memory impairment, and age-related Dementia. At Birchwood, we provide innovative memory care with a holistic, person-centered approach. Compassionately delivered service and the convenience of skilled rehabilitation combine in our unique memory care model.

Our Memory Care philosophy focuses on the abilities of our residents. We strive to create feelings of joy, security and independence by using sensory-based stimulation and comprehensive and compassionate care.

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A Comprehensive Dementia Care Program

We provide personalized, engagement-based programming and work closely with families to ensure continuity and comfort for our residents.

Our program was created to promote the safety and well-being of our residents and provide a warm, secure atmosphere where our seniors can thrive. Memory care uses a holistic approach of working with individuals who have dementia, engaging them via cognitive, physical, mental, nutritional and spiritual perspectives. Assistance with activities of daily living is provided, including eating, dressing, showering, and more if needed. We focus on being “dementia friendly” to create a soothing setting, therapeutic programming, family orientation and support and more.

Birchwood’s model was designed to meet our seniors’ cognitive needs, while maintaining their sense of dignity and respect.

We offer our residents structured and varied activities for their enjoyment, promoting stimulation and diminishing confusion.


  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Sensory and tactile stimulation
  • Hobby time in our therapeutic activities room
  • Pet visits
  • Enclosed courtyard
  • Family support
(908) 272-6660 Reach out to learn more about us
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(908) 272-6660 Reach out to learn more about us
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