Long Term Care

It’s not unusual for our long-term residents to call Birchwood, “home”. We have created a homey environment where every resident becomes part of our family, and we become part of theirs. With a beautiful facility, incredible amenities and stellar healthcare services, there is no better place to begin your next chapter.

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A Positive New Beginning

Moving to a long-term care community can be challenging and emotional. We make it our
priority to smooth your transition and help create a positive new beginning.

As a long-term resident, you receive high quality nursing care, round-the-clock supervision, and assistance with activities of daily living. Among our long-term residents are those in the early stages of Alzheimer’s as long-term residents, whom we support with specialized memory services.

Beyond good healthcare, we prioritize quality of life. It’s our job to help you stay as healthy, active, and independent as possible. We actively keep you engaged with our community and connected with loved ones.

Taking Care of You, Together

The Birchwood team is made up of physicians, specialists, nurses, therapists, and staff who are committed to your health and happiness. We work together to provide you with stellar onsite healthcare and a lifestyle of ease and comfort.

It is our pleasure to have you as part of the Birchwood family.

Welcome to the Birchwood family –
we’re thrilled to have you!

(908) 272-6660 Reach out to learn more about us
& schedule your visit!

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