Living with kidney disease can be challenging, but receiving care for it doesn’t have to be. At Birchwood, we have built a dedicated, state-of-the-art dialysis unit where we provide specialized renal care and onsite hemodialysis in partnership with
RWJ Barnabas Trinitas Regional Medical Center

Our Dialysis Unit features 9 dialysis stations with modern and efficient equipment run by a highly skilled and compassionate staff of nephrologists, nurses, and technicians from RWJ Barnabas Trinitas. Patients who require dialysis will avoid the cost and inconvenience associated with transportation, as well as disruption to meals, medication and rehabilitation schedules, and recreational opportunities.

We have every tool at our disposal to provide comprehensive dialysis treatment for our long-term residents, subacute patients, as well as those in need of outpatient treatment. We proudly call some of the top nephrologists, general practitioners, skilled nurses, and renal diet consultants as members of our team. We’ve incorporated the latest technology, including water treatment and high-end hemodialysis machines, to help our practitioners do their jobs as well as possible.

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As a dialysis patient or resident at Birchwood, we encourage you to take advantage of our many amenities. Enjoy a delicious meal in our dining room (tailored to your health requirements), walk our grounds, or participate in one of our many daily community activities.


When it comes to treatment for kidney disease, there is no better
option than Birchwood.

Welcome to the Birchwood family –
we’re thrilled to have you!

(908) 272-6660 Reach out to learn more about us
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