– Danyelle Wolfe Read

My mother had excellent care here for the last 2 months of her life. She was going there for long-term care but when the facility discovered that she could be skilled and that she might have a chance to go home, they did everything they could to increase her strength and gave her extensive rehab, opening the possibility that she might be able to be discharged. The food is good and that was a big plus in helping

her build some momentum as well. There was diligent attention paid to her needs and careful monitoring, with updates as needed or whenever we called in. The compassion she received was matched by the skills personnel possessed in every way. I was thankful to have found this place for her as another place had messed up and made it all the harder for us to get her health back. They were accommodating when it came to setting her up with snacks that we brought in, and though she was on Medicaid/Medicare, I actually felt she received the kind of care a private pay patient would have received. As disappointed as I am that in the end she was not able to regain enough strength to go home, I will always be at peace about having made this choice for her care.

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